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Saturday, December 20, 2014

All I want for Christmas


HO HO HO HO! Christmas is drawing closer and I had just ended the first half of my final school term. Yeah!! (Something to celebrate). It was a happening few months when I am away from this space, I am really very shocked that I still have readers. Thank you for your support and also apologized for the lack of updates. I am so tight down with Internship then followed by work and soon the school term begins and finally I have time to do a pcs of write up. I hate to use the app (sadly) but my Instagram will also be updated (follow if you haven't, comment my link on any post and I will follow you back) 

Have quite a few interesting food reviews to share with you guys! Probably within this two weeks of holiday? 

All I want for Christmas is an email reply from a special team, a bag, times with my friends and more sponsorship, followers, likes and readers!! So what is yours?

Anyway, I have also found an interesting Carousell shop that has a very interesting way of Giveaway! and alot of Mi Products that are not available in I am stunned with it and they are constantly having different sales just like the Xiao Mi Casing I used to purchase on Qoo10. By and large, Qoo10 has been one of the criminal for the cause of my pockets holes. I am so in love with it!

Hahas, yeah! I am promoting this interesting carousell page on my instagram a couple of weeks ago as they have proudly sponsored me a Mi Wifii Portable Router. It was pretty cool and cutie chio luh! I am still working on it to give you guys a better review. So far, I think it worth the price! And the seller is very generous in giving away free gifts be it Giveaway or Purchases!

Their giveaway looks simple. More, they are also having mini contest on Facebook  and their Instagram (@Jecubiz) which 1 winner will walks a way with a token!
So looks like there will be 3 winners!

Do you want a Mi Band for Christmas? Head on to their Instagram and follow them in order to win it! 

I had also blog before about my first experience with Carousell here!

Happy Holiday! Merry Christmas and a Happy New to you guys (just incase)
Really very very happy today!

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