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Hello, That's Huiibin!

Welcome to my space, I may not be so active here but I am definitely active on my social network! (especially twitter) ^^ I blogged about what I feel like blogging, or maybe you can suggest and I will try to do it. :) I aimed to blog once a month as I seldom like to blog about my lifestyle. I prefer to blog reviews on something that I went for the first time or some simple and random DIY.

I am fun-sized and always a dreamer. Sometimes, when there is an obstacle to my dream, I will stop going for it and continue to dream. I aspire to be like those bloggers who can really blog well and have so many sponsorships opportunities. They are a great influencer which I hoped to be one as well ^^

I have no dream for future but I believe that God has planned for me. I may not have a fantastic English but I will try my best as my future is waiting for me. (Matthew 6:21)

So if you are keen to work with me, do contact me at *finger cross*

Who don't love sponsorship? 
Follow my Instagram account (_huiibin_), maybe? I have joined many giveaway or sponsorship from various fashion shops when I have nothing better to do during my journey but I have yet won any. :(

I hope to hear from you. Maybe, you can be my motivations to what I aspire.
Thanks You.


" One day I hope to be a known blogger. Will you help me? "


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