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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcoming 2015, differently.

2014 was a year of surprises, heartbreakings and more developing true friends. It's unlike usual when happiness and sadness was created. 2014 was harsh to me but I make it through, bringing 2015 to a better life (hopefully).

I couldn't have a chance to use my laptop to blog about this "Learning" year and gave me a companion that could be ther physically and morally when I need. For the sake of reviving my blog (dead but still many legit readers), I have downloaded the app again! But it will be lengthy as I have no idea how to put the photos in order yet! So they are everywhere.... 😥😰😫

MOST IMPORTANTLY, I WOULD LIKE TO THANK EVERYONE WHO IS PART OF MY 2014 JOURNEY. Especially my part time work collegues (JJ, Yi Tian, Rachel, Jasmine, Zul, Natasha, Lee Xian....), project mangers, and boss and also having me in the following 2015 projects/shows. Not forgetting my schoolmates - JingWen, Ah Boon, Jeff, Liang Jun, Hello Kitty guys, Eunice and HGV Alumni. I may not be the best. And the.chance to provide service to the nation through active involvements of Serving Learning Projects by my school.

Lastly, people who I think I have lose with reasons and without - Sebastian, MALVERN, Andy, Jian Wei, Macus, Ernest, Khoon Fai Muay Thai, AIG and Yong Wen.

PHOTOS shall covers all. THANK YOU

My last job before 2015. They are the two who made my working days AWESOME. Hope u get the results you work for. OLEVEL RESULTS IN 12DAYS.
Photo just taken today - PUT ON YOUR HOODIES!
Thank you for helping me this two weeks.
p/s photo cnt be rotated =.=

This is my companion for 2015 Countdown - I am an artist

Day 2 - YoGa.Beats #pedestrainnight


Lunch deliver.

A day to art museum

Replaced traditional cake with Lava cake and also Cake in the Jar..Was an epic yet memorable bday celebration.

meet up with da laddies for Ms Wistera Bday

Worked at River Safari with da men! :-* 

in the process of making the bday scrapbook for "mama" but things didn't went out well. :(

loads with photos for the scrapbook. Haix

"Ang mo" cousin and family came back ans we went prawning ^^ Finally I caught quite a handful of prawns.

one of our catch

the first/second batch of HGA who came back for Carnival volunteers.

F1 - my best F&B working experiences

Selfie in the chiller...
Batam Trip SL Camp

Day 3 Pesdestrian Night - Her Bday.too!

won't be fun if she was not there, such a waste.

christian buddy at Batam (Heart for hope)

The jio anything man

Add caption


Thanks for all the bo jio and jio status. It wouldn't be much fun without attending it with you guys (Ronald, Hanyang, Alex, Wei Chong and their friens)

I hope 2015 will be good to be as I enters the working life in the 2nd quarter. I really can't imagine it, giving allowance to my parents, bills etc. Abit lost and abit knows what I wanted but I am unsure if it's the best for me yet. I hope to get a driving liscence too! I also wants to be a better and understanding girlfriend(s). I know I have to do something to it even if it looks impossible, but I believe in miracles. An appropriate GPA as it has dropped tremendously for the last few semsesters. Life isn't fair to my hardworkingness as I find my joy working than studying. (At least I am recognised through my hard work and not critised by my languge)

A Cocktail 🍸 of Friendship 
A Supreme of Health 
A Gratin of Prosperity 
A Bowl 🍜 of Excellent News 📰 
A salad of Success 
A Cake 🎂 of Happiness 
All accompanied by bursts of laughter...... 

Wishing you and your family 👪 an enjoyable 2015.....🌟💥✨💥🌟

Before 2⃣0⃣1⃣4⃣Ends,
Let Me Thank All The Good People Like You 👍,
Who Made 2014 Beautiful For Me.
I Pray You be Blessed With Faithful Year Ahead.

I Wish You 

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