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Friday, June 13, 2014

Hillgrove Carnival 2014 X-perience

It was an eventful week coping with work, carnivals and assignments. Thank God that my supervisor is on leave and my faci allowed me to submit my logsheets after he came back. It was my first time running an event with my community unlike those I did years ago by volunteering. I could oversee it and help out in any areas which lack of manpower. I have to keep redoing all my proposals but in the end I realized the school only needs a rough idea and not a detailed one. But I guess, it was a job well done to be a little more detailed? (Even though we did a last minutes change on the final day) From these, I learnt that I might be a person who loves to do things in a systematic way and all I have to do is to play everything by ear.

We had a 2 days door-to-door sales around the neighbourhoods and I managed to help out on one of the day. There was not much sales as plenty of them had purchased from their children, but little efforts counts right?
Our shagged faces....
Friday 6th, was a day for the set –up of my booths. We had prepared 2 games, mainly “Stand a Bottle Challenge” and “Tick-Tack-Shoot” (but was change to “Shoot” on the actual day). On top of that, we had to decorate the café that we had to assist the Parent Support Group. It was a pretty hard day as it rains in the last afternoon. Thank God, it wasn’t raining on the actual day. We completed 95% of the café and 50% of the game booth. I was a little disheartened. Alongside my game coordinator, we brought the remaining stuff back to my home to continue. 
Saturday 7th, was the actual day. We were up early at 6am to do those that were left over and ensure that everything was ready by 8.30am as the Carnival will starts at about 9am. It was quite busy and without knowing I personally spent $30 on food/treats and $10 on the games. Nothing much more, pictures from me during my rounds ensuring that everyone did and had their breaks. Didn’t have the group photos, was busy with our ex-alumni teachers birthday. But I appreciated those who had stayed till I said “dismissed”.

Overall, Hillgrove's first ever school carnival ran successfully because of prayers for good weather and the hard work of all staff, students, PSG, parents, alumni and partners. A big thank you for everyone who contributed to our carnival! Can’t wait to know how much the CAFÉ and the two booths have earned. (:

Special Thanks to Amir, FangYing, Afkar and Mrs Lim for the full helped to make this a success and also to those volunteers helping in any needs they could on the actual day!

My best monpod selfies!

Ehh. The RP-ians. The Ex-Hillgrovians. Shinnying behind the AVIATORS with a service crew infront. ^^

Only photos with this busy woman I know through my ex.

Her name is SHERRY. and it makes us the "SHERRY TEAM" during the door-to-door  tickets sales!
Achievement unlocked - "A photo with her"
Mrs. Lim
Her help and assistance was fully appreciated.
Could she be my art teacher too? 

F.T the nerf gun and tokens

My best photos of them!

Thanks for Supporting :D

"The only day you could do this" - hillgrovians

Find more wonderful photos when you #hgvcarnival on instagram.

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