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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

{Dessert} The Audacious Cakery x Updates

While I am trying to retrieve my photos and blog post for the Ice Exhibitions, I shall blogged about this mini Cafe that my friend, Joash brought me to a couple of months back.

Continue reading lor.

Some of you may take it as an excuse, but nope I am not (for those who believed) as I have been constantly updating my instagram. Reason being, they are in my phone and somehow when I tried blogging somedays back with that 'blog app' which I had been using when I first started blogging it works perfectly but not now. More, the only time I have more was my journey from Bukit Batok to Changi Aiport for work. For those who do not know, I am having my interns with the Changi Airport Group. It is approximately 2 month from now. I had learnt a lot from operations of the airport to words of speech.

Nevertheless, let me get back to the main topic. Joash bought me to the Cafe @ Blk 2 Everton Park #01-161 and that was our first outing. The Cafe is called The Audacious Cakery! Quite a unique name I thought. They have pretty layout as well. So if you are thinking where to bring your partner for a date, probably this is one of the place you could consider? However, its a walking distance from the nearest MRT.

Even their name care is pretty!

That's all for an intro. So Now what we ordered? Haha, Forget all the name but yeah, they do taste yummy and I still can remember how it taste like in my mouth

Dark Chocolate flavor, it wasn't that bitter but more of a sweetness taste.
As I personally do not like to eat dark chocolates.
But its worth a good try ^^
This was amazing! Fresh fruits everywhere. The papaya was crunchie and abit of sour mango. 

So there is this Imstagram Contest ongoing that time when we visit. Not sure if there is now but I sent in this:
What do you think? Very Creative isn't it? (haha *blush*) #JJK but I guess I didn't win but nvm its just for fun! That's how it looks inside (except for the cream). There are actually small bites of papaya inside which I kinda like it cause its like soft on the outside crunchie on the inside.

Oyah! Even the famous food blogger Miss Tam had talked about it! Check out her review here.

Their menu:

After that, we went to walk around Chinatown I took a few photos that I guess we wouldn't be able to see it again in the future.

So yeah, I have come to the end of my post for now and I hope you like this sharing. Do follow me also on Instagram as I will be update it frequently (almost daily). Please shows your support by liking it if you don't wish to follow. It will be greatly appreciated. 

Ended our final destination of the day at The Cathay and selfies.
And concidentally, we wore the same colour top that day ^^

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