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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Has my Calories burn?

An instant update that I would like to share about my impromptu crazy walk in Singapore.

Yesterday, 19 June.
I had this physiological test near Police Cantonment Complex with my friend, Fadhil and he waited for me as he took it before. I am so touched and surprised that he waited for approximately 2hrs? He had his lunch while waiting and we walked to SGH Kopitiam to had mine. The Duck Noodle was a bit disappointing but I am sure their duck rice was still my favorite food there.
For a few hours, we didn't know what to do hence, we walked from Outrum Park, along beach road and ended up at YaKun located near Clark Quay Station. Their frosty bandung was worth trying.
Police Heritage/
BlackBall Singapore, Taiwan Dessert.
Always wanted to give this dessert stall a try and I finally had it! I think the price was reasonable or relatively cheap
Their menu, taken from the website.

This was what me and my friend, Andy, had.
Andy ordered 607 which was worth the try while I ordered 301 which stated "MUST DRINK"
Apprently, it wasn't that fantastic. However, If you do love to drink sour or lemons flavored drinks, do give it a try. (:
Saw this and it cost $6 per ride @ Vivo City
Today, 20 June.

After work, a passenger approached us and asked for a direction to the MRT so alongside colleague, we ushered them and also brought them to purchase their ez-link as well. *blar blar*
Walked from Bugis Station to Fragrance Hotel and I kinda lost my way back but I managed to walk to Raffles City (City Hall Mrt) alone by myself without GPS. (So proud of myself) my phone left 10% and I am blogging with the remaining %. Hahas. Just couldn't wait to record this down.
Is Singapore really that small or are the stations near to each other? Haven't did these "crazy" stuff for long!
I remembered my last walk was from Outrum Park to Chinatown with Joash Ming Feng Quek, months ago.

Trishaw Uncle looked at me and I didn't know that.

                                                        Thanks for reading :D 
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