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Sunday, March 16, 2014

19th Birthday - Appreciations.

Finally ending my last day of everything including the blog post of the month as I am heading off to Cambodia for my school project (Service-Learning). 

My church keep us in their prayers whenever we travel ^^

Passed the illegal age of eighteen and entering to my final nineteen. It was a great surprise birthday I thought.Other than celebrating with my own family or my aluma-mater, I had a very different celebration this year. Nothing to show off but I just like to appreciate them who have taken their time off to help me celebrate my birthday during teens-life without HIM (;

I can say on 23rd February 2014, I had cake-phobia. Never have I ate so many cakes in a day! YUMMMY.. So fattening anyway. Let start of with the first person who celebrated my birthday on 23 February 2014 0000hrs. YESH! 0000hrs. 

Pardon for my unglam face... was studying for UT the next day.
*UT is Understanding Test*

Look at what he did to the nose! This is super fattening I guess. Super alot of cream, even thought I dislike cream but yeah this is not bad. 

Hand-made gift from him (not revealing what's in the box, maybe if I have the time I will take a "professional shot" and post it on Instagram)
 THANK YOU JIAN WEI and also ANDY for the count down. 

Since this year, my birthday falls on a Sunday, my mum catered refreshment for Sunday Service. THANK YOU MUMMY as she prepared all the food. These are some food taken while I am bored from studying..
*no more this for Jeremy, I asked mummy to prepare one box for him when she is going to cook this to church again. ;(*
2nd cake which is my breakfast of the day from mummy (L) in replace of having a big cake with our "twinny" CNY OOTD. #failed
Just in case you don't know, I have a twin and we are identical.
The lady in strip is our Nanny, who had witness our growth too! 

THANK YOU Mummy <3

After church, had a pretty early dinner with my 2nd uncle and his wife. They came and drove me and my family to Yi Jia South Village Seafood Restaurant @ Blk 20, Toa Payoh. Tried food that I have never tasted before and also different style of eating it like the Chili Crab. I saw this method in Buffet Town (BT City Hall) but didn't have the chance to taste it in BT. I didn't expect my FOOD photos to turn out this nice and delicious looking. (NO FILTER) (L) (L) (L)
My loved every since back from JB with friends. JELLY

What is ZHI CHAR without SAMBA KANG KONG? 

Tired this before in Dian Xiao Er. Got their standard leh. ^^

Ready fried bun to mix with the crab sauce above :)
Supper filling that day.

Thought this was my last Birthday Cake.
Surprisingly, 2 friends came but didn't come at around 2300hrs with a BIG present and a BIRTHDAY CAKE. YESH! ANOTHER ONE. 4th Birthday Cake.

Still revising for my UT.
 THANK YOU Ernest and Ben!

This again wasn't the last. Had a catch up session with 3 of my busy friends who are working in March and totally shocked me as it was not a short meet up session only, they actually bought a cake and celebrate with me or can I say 2 cakes? 
Thank you Wistera Babe who always will never fail to prepare gifts for us, no matter how busy she can be.
*Must learn from her*
Hope I can get something from my Cambodia Trip for them too!  
ONLY BDay Cake with 19 Candles.

Abit deformed but at least its better than the first one (above)

KFC for dinner. I prefer the mushroom sauce more ^^

 BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO WISHES ME (L) even received some surprising msg which I didn't thought they were even remember or wishes me :)

Thank God for showering me with so many friends to guide and help me along my life.

That's all for now, going to prepare to head of for Ernest's Birthday Celebration (:

Thanks for reading :D

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