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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


 Found a REALLY INTERESTING topic that I really can touch on to share with you guys on a research that I have done.

Before I start, I would like to THANK this 2 people (you know who you are) who had brought up this topic on BASIC COURTESY. Not only that, you may not agrees to the point that I am going to share but this is based on my research as reflections. It does not means that I have or always practice basic courtesy in my life.

Let starts off with defining the word “courtesy”.

Meet Singa the Lion!

Hahas, when speaking of COURTESY, most people will think of this mascot. In Singapore, this mascot is use to educate public on courtesy, graciousness and kindness. [Just for you to recall, #RANDOM]

Basically everyone knows that GOOD manners and etiquette set the standard of professionalism in life be it messaging, email or daily conversations. GOOD manners can actually help us to have a better relationship with those we know or just met, which create a GOOD FIRST impressions. We should also most importantly know the type of conversations, formal or informal for more appropriate conversations.

One most basic courtesy where we had practice since young was to be a good listener, and talk when it’s your turn. Do not interrupt or override another person when he or she is speaking.

We also learn to say “PLEASE”, “THANK YOU” and “EXCUSE ME” since young. These words are the most powerful words in basic courtesy which earns respects from people. “Please” and “Thank you” are used in any ways of communications such as messaging, email or daily conversations which can be in informal or formal situations. (Do you agree?)

I am going to touch also on only SMSes etiquette since SMSes has become a norm in modern society today and it is a simple and convenient to communicate with people which the simplicity can get out of hand! (Scary right?) Therefore, in my research, I found this TOP 10 LIST OF SMS ETIQUETTE which I pick up a few which I personally agreed on and understand:
  1. Remember that SMS is informal.
Sometimes it can be casual formal but the formality is definitely different from sending an email. The casualness of SMS diminishes the strength and meaning of the message.
For example if you were to as a contact number from a friend, you will ask “May I or Can I have so and so mobile number?” and if you would like to know the reason, you should reply, “Why (do) you need the person number (for)?” (Taking away the bracket words is for singlish way) instead of reply “For what”.
Though you can debate your stand in saying “For what is easier than you need if for”. Don’t you find that it is rude when it can even be express in a nicer tone? (even if you want the conversation be informal situations)
In BASIC COURTESY of SMSes, I strongly thinks that easier should be definite as shortcut abbreviates which is also known as jargon which and is faster shorten the message. For examples, “Thank You” as “TY” and “What’s Up” as “SUP”. As well as the emotion or personal expressions like “Oh Really?” as “O RLY?”
  1. Be aware of your tone.
It is extremely difficult to discern tone in text messages, just as in e-mail. What seems to you to be a completely innocuous message may be grossly misinterpreted by the recipient, causing certain discomfort if not irreparable harm.
  1. Don't SMS while you're driving (or with friends)
Talking on the phone is bad enough. You won't know what hit you - or what you hit - if you are pounding out a message on your keyboard.
Be courteous to those around you. Remember how frustrated you get when you're with friends who seem to spend more time on their cell phone than talking to you? The same goes with messaging. It is rude to sit and send text messages while spending time with others. If a message must be sent to someone because it is important, excuse yourself, make it brief, and enjoy your friends. (hahas, I admit I does not always practise this most of the time J)
  1. Be conscientious of others' schedules.
Don't assume that because you are awake, working, not busy, or sober that the person you're texting is as well. Many a pleasant slumber have been interrupted by recurring "beep-beep...beep-beeps" of messages. It is nice to be patients.
If it's immediate, make a voice call as if you can't get through and your text message is ignored, there's probably a good reason. There are still some times when people don't even have a thumb free to respond.

Additions to the link above, Capitalization and punctuation are important as well. In text messaging, lowercase is the norm for speed.  For desktop email and IM, UPPERCASE is acceptable for emphasizing one or two words a time. BUT PLEASE AVOID TYPING ENTIRE SENTENCES IN UPPERCASE AS THAT IS CONSIDERED RUDE SHOUTING.

Oyah! Almost forgets, SMS notices or reminder is sent in a casual formal ways which usually starts off with “This is a gentle reminder…” or “This is a courtesy SMS from …”.

Lastly, DON’T ALWAYS REPLY A LETTER “K” when the answer is asking for a ”YES” or “NO” reply.

Other resources you may be interested to read:

Thanks for reading :D 

“With everything, courtesy needs to rule and proper SMS etiquette needs to be remembered, otherwise this convenience can turn to a nightmare quickly.”

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