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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Airshow2014 X Valentines


14 Feb 2014 was Valentine's Day and I didn't expect my day to end this way. 

That day I don't to attend HER lesson as we, The Aviators, went to the airshow and I was lucky to have to chance to take the joyride, - C130 which I wanted to take it 2 years back. It was rather cool and awesome to see beautiful part of Singapore!

Here are some photos from the airshow..  (my SD need to be formatted, IDK what happened but I supposed I will let my bro to do the uploading and meanwhile you can add me on Facebook ^^)

Lunch provided by them

Mini me in between two handsome guy ^^ hahas
Credit: Aaron 

At the cockpit of C130, Super nice view, Sadly no photo is allow :(

Ending my Airshow 2014 with 2 short clips that I took when I am on board C130 :)

We didn't have much time to roamed around as the scheduled to depart from school was extremely LATE! So we didn't watched the performances as well but glad that my team RSAF in charged too beautiful photos and shared it with us on the whatsapp group... heheh

Next, will be how I spent my Valentines being Single?
Actually, I am still wondering "What is Valentines?" I tot everyday should be Valentines for all couples?  Is like only this day, you will specially take off and planned for it other than you anniversary or your partners' bday? Hahas Just some random thoughts.

I was surprised that this mei mei called me and asked if I were free any day this week ( 10 Feb to 14 Feb ) to jog. By right we were supposed to meet on 13 Feb but I cancelled it cause I am afraid that we couldn't wake up for class the next day.

I was thinking where I could bring her for ice cream in BB area. So i tot of dessert and my treat to them at Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert[should be this name but always went with a group of friends to eat last month] 

Enjoying her dessert ^^ (mango pudding with coconut flavoured ice cream)
The staff cheated our feelings... It not that nice and is pretty expensive.
Had Sushi after 2 games of bowling 
These are the people I spent my first Single Valentines Night with ^^

Thanks Ben (black shirt) who brought his sister down to "date" with me ^^ It was tiring but I hope everyone had fun! I was so touched by mei mei "love letters". { Yeah! Sherry Jie Jie love and missed you too! <3 XOXO }

After dinner, we went to arcade to take out neo print. It was so long since I last took it ^^ Anyway Thanks For the Valentines Gift as well (from mei mei, Ben and Jian Wei) though I didn't prepare anything cause I didn't expect anything but just a hang out with you guys (FYI this wasn't really planned meets up) :)

And sorry for those who I didn't managed to meet in the end especially my Muay Thai Friends. Hope you guys have an awesome and fruitful Valentines Day this 2014 ;-)

Thanks for reading :D

" Hope our date on 7 June 2014 still on and I hope you like you Squirrel " 
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