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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Griddy - gourment waffles X Westgate

Hey! A short update to this space as I think I have nothing much to write about my "road-trip" with my poly-mates. (seriously, not even count down)

Having UTs (Understanding Tests; aka as exam) now. Felt so bad with what I did for my past few weeks of school, its a bit too late to buck up now but then I still hope I won't fail any further which will result in a drastic drop for my GPA (*SCREAM* cause I worked very hard last semester to pull up my GPA) Okay, so my point is NO POINT CRYING OVER A SPLIT MILK, just follow this 3 steps:

means heck heck, throw the past behind. Seriously is hard but TRY LOR!

cause you can't do anything as time CANNOT rewind, so what else you can do is keep it to yourself and complaint and then "forget" about it

Lastly, find a new goal or someone who you can aspire. Life is never easy, it can be compared to roller coaster. There will surely be ups and downs, the matters is how harsh it is. Yup, I have a tough end to 2013 and not a pleasant start to 2014 till now but I tell myself not to disappoint anyone further. Therefore, saying is not enough, I proved it by my actions! I studied hard at night, though it is on the day before the paper (which you should not do it) but at least is a small step I did as compared to those fucked up days/months.

BASICALLY, if you have received your O Level result and is not your desired, don't be dismay as you have tried your best, continue to work harder and prove them WRONG. ^^

In life there is still ALTERNATIVE PATH WAY! You just have to work around and to find it. :)

*Disclaimer: I maybe harsh in my words but this is my opinion. No offense*

Thanks to Jian Wei, who accompanied me yesterday to Griddy to have dinner. Yesterday was super stressed as I thought I would have did better if I asked about that question. Just one question, and it can determine if I will fail or pass the paper. Finger Cross there will be this leniency marks.(HAHAS)

We went to the outlet at WESTGATE. It wasn't pleasant anyway but I saw one of my colleague when I am working as a waitress for once. Sadly, he can't remember me but I didn't know his name as well. 

The waiting hours was long (due to lack on manpower that day) but the food is acceptable not saying its fantastic. We have to tell them about our orders several times but one of the staff was nice to offer us a compliment waffles but nah its fine. (but thumbs up for him)  (Not only I said about their service was unorganized: )

For me, I think for a waffles sandwich, you should like eat it together, like ice-cream waffles, but this don't really can. Not that, the waffles get soft very fast. BUT Jian Wei's Ocean Catch is a good choice than mine. (can't remember what I have ordered and I can't find it online as well, but the meat is yummy ^^)

This is JIAN WEI! 

Jian Wei and "his" Ocean Catch #gotgriddy

Ice Cream

Sorry picture blur, hehe but this is the best among those I have tried. Even Jian Wei says so! hahahas

Thanks for reading :D 
" Friends come and go. But be grateful that God has allow you to know them. SO THANK THEM"

Just recall the days they make your life from miserable to a day you can't wait to meet them but still life have to go on if they choose you leave you when it is NOT EVEN your choice. 

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