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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Moving ON!

Hey there!

I realised I have not been updating this space for 2 months but well, things wasn't pleasant for me this 2 months especially hence I don't have the mood to update it. (You will know if you are my friends on my social media) Well, I have got my energy back to blog :)

Basically, in this 2 months I really spent and hang out pretty frequent but I met great friends during these months.  Of course, overnight and going home late just to occupy myself to move on and not performing well in school is my greatest regret. I have gained a lot of weight recently and GAINING WEIGHTS is my greatest fear.

Not knowing what my path will be like but I would like to Thank God for this wonderful opportunities that I could know them.

The Three Man that I would like to Thank God for letting me to know them and maybe some of their Life Story.
From the Left: Alvin,  Gerrard, Cyrus

On top of that, I learnt 2 new skills which are Muay Thai ( Pad- training) and also learnt how to play Pool. Never did I know that I will gain interest in both of this new sports that I have just picked up.

My Trainers for Muay Thai (Pad Training)

I will be continuing Muay Thai training as a CCA in my polytechnic with my closest Secondary School friend - Jean.  
It was amazing why people always said that the world is so small. I took part in "I CAN" zumba activities and I did not know that they were from the same company as the trainers for the "I CAN" zumba activities. These two trainers have many talents in Sports and Recreations. (A Thumbs Up for Them) :) hahas. They are also good at designing. I supposed the photo above is done by him or her ^^
Yeah! If you realised, the girl in the center was ME!
On the Right is Jean :) Pretty right?
This is my MOST FAVOURITE selfie with her!
I guess it's pretty late now (2300, 24/12/2013), the 3rd month of my single life...
Will blogged about my JB trip if can. See you till the next post.

Alvin's Sister, Pretty and Adorable <33
Loved playing with her a lot
Can't wait to meet her again!! (Will I still have the chance?)

Brook Run Event - Pink Apple

Favourite night hang out place - West Coast Park


Wishing All who are reading this post NOW a
Blessed Christmas Day!


Thanks for reading :D
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