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Friday, August 2, 2013

Simple DIY with phone accessories stickers from Daiso

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First time, I am able to blog post at the begin of a month :P
I hope everyone has ended their month of July fruitful and to welcome the month of August, I have decided to share with you guys a DIY post that I wanted to do it for a every long time.

Basically I went to bought some phone accessories stickers from IMM Daiso a few months back to decorate my new thumbdrive but it wasn't put to use till recent. I realised it was useful, you can not only used it for phone but nail arts and note book or even spectacles  as well. Below are some example what I did with the phone accessories stick on.

So is this nicer now? >.<

My Laptop Button was super screwed up after a few days of used and is not entitled to get a one for one excahnge :(

I would recommend you guys to use some clear nail polish top coat to brush over for a longer stay onto your device. The glue can be easily washed away with some nail polish removable or a bit of zipo oil (which I used it to clean my spectacles frame to remove the glue) My brother use zipo oil to clean his mobile phones, ipad etc. So it should be safe to use to clearn mobile devices as long as you are careful with it ^^

Thanks for reading :D

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