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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

FOOD - Ambush

Hello people!

I decided to leave the DIY post to the next month :D I have never blogged about FOOD and this is the first post on FOOD, I hope you guys will like it :D

Yesterday, I went to Jurong Point after school and had my dinner there. My bro and I never ate before at Ambush so we decided to head there. It was nice and filling. My aunt who is treating us said that she usually come her for lunch. Yesh! They have great offers for lunch. You can check it out on their website.^^ There are many good reviews as well hence, I am not gonna talk alot.

Oyah! I forget to take a photo of their dinner menu, it was creative!

Not sure what is this called
Rate: 10/10
Sweetness just nice for me and it very very filling

Salmon Belly $10.20
Rate: 9.5/10 (salmon is nice but very little)

Norwegian Salmon Fillet with AGLIO OLIO AMBUSH STYLE
Rate: 10/10

Chicken Schnetitzel $17.50
Rate: 11/10
The fries is super nice!

Haha, I am not very good at rating but I assure you that its nice! (super nice to me luh, specially the salmon and the fries, both are MUST TRY) I gave them a rating 9/10 for their service :)

Why not check their Facebook page?
They have menu and even better image plus reviews there!

It is definitely worth going!

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