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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Chingay 2013

Many People asked what's Chingay? I couldn't answer but all I know it is held after 15 days of Lunar New Year. Therefore, I decided to look it up and share with you (not know where you come from ^^).
Origin of Chingay Parade in a Nutshell
A dazzling extravaganza of colours and cultural diversity, Chingay Parade Singapore is known for its resplendent floats and multi-cultural local and international performances that are an insight to our festive traditions and delight the hearts of many Singaporeans and tourists.
The word Chingay is from the Hokkien dialect, of which the Mandarin equivalent is “Zhuang Yi” , meaning "the art of masquerade". The festival began as a neighbourhood parade with only Chinese elements in 1973. Today, the Chingay Parade has evolved to be the grandest street and floats parade in Asia, showcasing the rich, vibrant multi-culturalism of Singapore and exciting cultures all over the world. To all Singaporeans, the next Chingay Parade is a parade of our people, our dreams and our pride!

This year theme was FIRE IN SNOW 雪中火
Beautify Scence
Nothing much to share, but I saw alot of passionate performances from different races and age group! I want to be one of the performancers next year but fat hope -.- I am afraid that I could not managed my time that well. This year, I am not there to watch it as an audience, I am helping as a volunteer crowd control. It was easier than I thought (at my area). I guess I could not complained that it was tiring as our OIC of different sectors should be even more shag than us and they are alway the last of RP students to go off.

Didn't take much photos, but here are some to share ^.^ (some where not taken at Chingay itself) :

GOODIE BAG : Lights pong pong

End of with my group photo! :D Taken on the last day of Chinday Night

That's all folks, more to come after I complete my SAFMC. Stay tune.
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