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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nikon Never Miss Out - I AM ONE CLICK AHEAD


  • Advanced Hybrid AF (Auto Focus) System. 

It has phase-detection AF which is superb for shooting fast action where I can capture all the candid shots and a contrast-detect AF excellent for capturing subtle details in poorly lit areas which means I can shoot any photos I like at night regardless of light .For casual users like me will like it for its sheer speed, built-in flash, compact size and the fun features it offers. Although there is flash, but if it is too dark around, the details of the photo won’t be that visible without the Contrast-Detect AF.

The advanced hybrid AF system is also Nikon 1 Advanced Hybrid AF System intelligently that selects the AF that best suits the scene and unfailingly delivers sharp images with high-speed and high-accuracy wide coverage of 73 focus areas (41 focus areas in auto-area AF), which can track even a fast-moving subject and quickly capture it in focus. Isn’t it good?

  • Smart Photo Selector

What it does is that it will automatically capture a continuous shot of the photo when we press half the shutter only! When we fully press the shutter, it will automatically choose the best captured photo to save as compared to most normal cameras or DSLR (when we half press it will only auto focus and when fully press, then it will only capture a shot).

Never miss perfect moment with Nikon's Smart Photo Selector! ^^

  • Turning on/off with retractable lens

We can switch on and off the camera just by turning the interchangeable retractable lens. This will save the trouble of  forgetting to switch off the camera power and end up having the camera battery to run flat halfway during my trip. On top of that, with this new feature I can just grab my camera and shoot immediately if I see any interesting things on the street as the camera I will always bring it along with me everywhere I go as it is a small and compatible which makes it highly portable!!!

Definitely the camera will come in contact with dust. But with this new camera, the anti-dust shield prevents external dust from entering the camera, even when the lens has been removed. It also includes a built-in optical anti-dirt mechanism that prevents dirt from showing up in your photos. Loves it?


One thing that you must know about Nikon 1 J2 is that it is a combination of normal digital camera and DSLR camera. Its functions are similar to normal digital camera but it has interchangeable lens which only DSLR can. Therefore, it is a very worth camera to buy.  The interchangeable lens supports any Nikon CX format lens from wide angle to fish eye and zoom lens.

If you loves to take video, you could actually record the movies and stills without dropping a single frame simultaneously. It’s best for family and YouTubers cum Bloggers (Nail-Art, Origami etc).

What’s more? There is waterproof case for this camera! It can withstand depth up to 40 meters and I have no longer wait till the end of water play or before water play to shoot! I can shoot anytime!

For more amazing key features, visit nikon-asia

More Choice. More Colour to Life. Stay Fashion.

Wear the Nikon1 J2

Its minimalistic design demands the fashion forward to wear it and look good. They came in various combination of colours which can suits your style and personalities. Not only that, the lenses are available in the same colours as the body for a cool, matching appearance!

You don't have to be afraid not knowing how to make full used of the camera features and operations well as Nikon has online tutorial which guide you.


What's more, Nikon1 J2 has a compact, lightweight camera system that is highly portable and its high quality textures promises to delight each time you pick up your camera! You will no longer need to used DSLR which is heavy and bulky which you will DEFINITELY not want to bring to a dinner occasions  (Wedding Dinner, Company Dinner & Dance, Graduation Nights, Birthday Celebrations etc) RIGHT? JUST NIKON J2 that's suits all occasions and the fun features it offers for individual and families!

Still sound good to you?

Check out Nikon's website NOW @

Something special to look out in fashion are all Nikon1 J2 colours! Every one of its colours depict the activeness and fire of a person passions in sharing by capturing photos and as memories. Don't you agree?

Memories forged today, are priceless treasures for tomorrow.

My most favourite colour out of the 6 Nikon 1 J2 camera is WHITE! What's yours?

WHITE enables a fresh beginings that is why some people relates their new life as a pieces of white paper.  A fashion designer also start its design on a white pieces of paper as well :D

My #OFTD #OTTD  #OOTD (whatever you called it luh) snapped that matches my favourite Nikon1 J2 camera -  WHITE  I guess any colour suits any outfit you wear for the day :D

All images taken from Nikon's website had credited with which linked to Nikon 1 J2's website.

Thanks for reading and wishing you Happy Chinese New Year ^^

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