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Saturday, January 12, 2013

#2 POI - The Rink @ Jcube

Its another great time with my seniors. This year, we decided to end out 2012 outing @ Jcube Ice Skating. I have been to Jcube Ice Skating for 3 times last year with different group of people. It will never be fun to go without friends accompany.

Just in case that you're not a follower on my twitter or instagram, I have my last skates @ Jcube with Santa. (Not real Santa,obviously). Jcube has many events that they will have a theme or a promotions for their customers. (Sound interesting right??)

They have Disco Night on Ice, School Trial Ice-Skating Session (where students get to enjoy a 2-hour ice-skating session for free!), New Year's Eve Disco Night (Countdown to 2013), Skate with Santa (which I went with my seniors), Disco Night & Countdown with Santarina (Countdown to Christmas) and they do also celebrate Children's Day!

Check out Santa's boots!

Is The Rink only safe for teens and adult only??

NO! The Rink has Penguin Skating Aids which has been proven to help you gain confidence. 
Penguin rental - $10 for 2 hours.
Available for kids below 1.2m in height and below 10 years old.
 So means I can't rent lor. Saw a few penguins "parking" at the entrance so I look one and skates around that area, they are quite stable and safe. I took a quick photo with it and from it you will realized why is the penguin aids available for kids below 1.2m lor. hahas.
Cute anot??
For newbies and none of your friends know how to skates, there is this session called the Introductory Walk-in Lessons. Its $26.75 for 15mins (Exclusive of admission & rental of skate boots). I did't try it but if you have tried do tell me if its good and gain more confidence as they will be teaching you basics of ice-skating and important safety rules!


There are other lessons and corporate booking available too!

Lastly, do you hold a PAssion Card?

From 2Jan - 15Mar this year, when you purchase 2 admission tickets, you will get 50% off  2nd admission price. Sound interesting? 

Check out their website for more detailed information NOW!

Me and The Lovable Leaders. 

This is how Jcube looks like if you don't know.

and The Rink.
Spots Santa!!
Thanks for reading, I hope you will enjoy your trip there like me too! (if you are going)

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