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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

#3 POI - Sea Aquarium @ RWS

A whole day visit to Resort World Sentosa, Sea Aquarium. It's worth going as you not only sea creatures but also admire the culture of different races. What's more, you can be delighted to know that access to Martime Experiential Museum before going in to visit to the Aquarium. *Maritime Experiential Museum is included in admission ticket with the Sea Aquarium.*

That time when I went, there is migration of fishes but there are indeed many cute sharks along my way in the tunnel.   

Not much photos taken in the Sea Aquarium but I selected the best of the best that I have!

Facinating the amazing sea creatures

Some sharks craft that the kids vistors does.
After your tour around, if you feel tired, you can just find a comfortable seating area at the Open Ocean Habitat (ps no photo) and enjoy a wide panormaic view of may sea creatures in a close view infront of the glass panel. I am sure young and old will be instantaneously be fascinated at it!

After that we went to eat at RWS.

Chicken Rice Ball (I think is the best I ate in Singapore, missed)

After that we went to RWS and play blar blar blar. What I wanna share with you guys is the visit to SkyLine Luge ride @ Sentosa. It was awesome and indeed "ONCE is never enough".
We passed by iFly and decided to went in to look look see see.

Got out ticket, there are advance Q tickets available too!

Plenty of safety hats ranging from XS -  XL

That's all, I shall end it of with 3 of my favourite photos:
Me on the beach trams (*windy*) 
"Sexy" greetings you with a best scene of Sentosa

Thanks baby's cousin for the treats, I had fun with the kids though some comments were kinda offensive to me anw Thanks for reading ^^

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