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Saturday, January 5, 2013

#1 POI - Wild Wild Wet

Hey guys I am back for what I have promised in my previous post. Sorry that its was a bit late as I am sick (recovering) and busy with school. Finally, I am able to take a time off to blog on my 1st Place of Interest in December 2012.

Remember that I have blog that I had planned a short gathering with 4 of my Secondary School friends to go to Wild Wild Wet (WWW) but to my dismay it was a failed gathering. [If you wanna read more on why we didn't went and where else I went in replace with that, click on this link -]

This round, the tickets were extended till end of 2012 :D (hehe) So I went there with my bf and bro. On the way there, I met my bf friends and they have the tickets too but its different which they can only choose on one (WWW, Orchard Bowl or smth luh). Since nobody wants to go and the expiring is drawing closer, I decided to give them (just nice two). Good right? but sorry to bore you guys.

It looks not much different but the toilet changed a lot! To me, toilet in the public pool is always wet and also hard to shower and even no hot water (coz I love showering with warm water). Let's the pictures talk to you, okay?

Where lockers and sun blocked lotion available.
While waiting for the guys to put the stuff in the lockers
Grp photo (bf friends not included)

Wanna get your back message?? Look at what that man  is doing there!
@ Professors's Playground
When you hear the bell ans see people running in one direction, join them!!
@ Professors's Playground
Usually people will choose to sit down, like the one shown in the picture (L)
@ Professors's Playground

Took it while waiting for the rain to stopped @  Shiok River
New Cafe replacement of Pizza Hut and KFC, i think. Left side is photo booth 

You can place your clothes in the cabinet and close the "window" of it and below it is where you put your showering gels and it won't get wet either when you are showering. I think this is the best part after renovation!
Only 2 hot shower
No hot shower

So that's all people. I didn't managed to take much as its raining when we reached there.

Pictures on the way there....

There is how dark the sky is that day.

Ukulele Christmas Tree - Scan the QR Code to win!  I got  2 bottle of coke , bro and bf got  vouchers. [My Rant: My bf vouchers were $10 yogurt. Since it can only spent at Downtown East and that day we went home quite late so we didn't spent it. A few days ago my non-identical twin was going for her class chalet, so I asked my bf if want to give her anot. She said she wan. I gave her and she didn't says thank you (okay can!) but then she always complains that people is not doing so is rude (so is she rude to his younger sis?) But its the past already, but seriously hate the convo (she and my bf), dam unreasonable, long story :-'( ]
#Failed 1. Wanted to create a fake snowing Singapore scene.

#Failed 2
Ending with....
My bro biggest smile ever!
My thoughts. [Click to enlarge]

Thanks for reading :D

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