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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 New Year

Hi, I am back. How did you celebrate your Christmas and your new year?

So before my school starts this Wednesday, which is tomorrow, I shall announced that I will be coming up with a 3 December Place of Interest (Singapore) that I went and really enjoyed myself with my lovely friends. It ended up to be a scheduled post but I guess it can be your 2013 activities plan if you have not went to those places or plan any yet.

It indeed I had ended my December well with many of activities and I hope I will have more in the year ahead with the free movie vouchers that I am getting soon. Which means I am going to watch more movies (YEAH!) but I can't do movie reviews so you can follow me on Twitter to know how if its a bad, lovely, fun, nice and so on.

Below are a few movie that I have watched so far.

-Amazing Spiderman 3D (I don't really liked it but its thrilling and my bf and bro loves it alot as mention before)
- Resident Evil : Retri... on my friend, Keven's birthday @ GV Plaza (I don't really liked it caused it ang moh show)

Seriously I had never watched a show with my family and friends or with so many people. We bought a total of 8 tickets but sadly, the cinema has 9 seats and 1 of the seat was bought by a stranger at a later timing (last min). So the show that I watch was....
Ah Boys To men (Exciting and Eye opener)
Next up are two free seating movies. I never had free movie seating movie pass before. (How did I get?)
So on a typical day, I re-tweeted a tweet on ChurpChurp SG , which I had never did that before and I did not know about this campaign  (RT to win a pair of movie) that they are having and with no hope, I received a DM (direct message) from them that I had won a pair of  "Playing For Keeps" movie @ GV Plaza. Meantime when I read the DM I didn't know how did I won it so I went to their mentions and I saw it and I didn't believe in my eye, so when the person called, I asked again. Hahas (people first time mah) I kinda like this shows that taught us alot of values and the main one was to choose. To choose which is your priority, Family or Dream Career which meant happiness to you. I never like watching English shows (that's why my English Language is so cui) except for cartoon but this is indeed a recommended shows to watch.

Play For Keeps (Educational, comedy)
 This movie pass was from Nuffnang that I won it from a blog post. Its nice and I loved the credits a lot.
 Blog posts related to Wreck-It Ralph Movie:

Wreck-It Ralph (comedy, funny)
Last Movie that I watched in 2012 will be on 31 December 2012 with my family and bf is
CZ 12 (Funny, Violence, Amazing)
I guess CZ 12 means Chinese Zodiac (Chinese: εδΊŒη”Ÿθ‚–). I always admire how Jack Chan filmed his movie and I saw some of the NGs at the end of the show. There is one part that he acted 2 person, it was AMAZING! (No flaws, to me and my bf) and they used the latest technology - Wind Tunnel, similar to IFLY, and I guessed there were many NGs there.

So I am ending my 2013 first post with 3 photos ....
@ GV Plaza

Creative toilet outside @GV Great World City 
Creative toilet inside @GV Great World City
Thanks for reading and stay tune for my 3 different Place of Interest that I went in December 2012 series in this year 2013! :D

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