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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Jurong East Swimming Complex

Since I have 5 tickets for Wild Wild Wet (WWW), I have planned a short gathering with my 4 awesome friends. What happen was when I saw this poster in their website the day before we are going there :
Yup. They have closed for renovation. This mean my 5 tickets were wasted. I was hoping for a change tickets so that I could invite my friends and enjoy the new facilities with me. We were all so disappointed with it. Moreover, one of my friend was sick. #okaycan. Ended up we decided to cancel it.#sad

What else can I do on that sunny day??
My boyfriend decided that we should make a trip down with my brother to Jurong East Swimming Complex. It was my first time there and I like it very much. It can be said that it is similar to WWW but this is a mini version as it does not have everything that WWW has. They have wave pool, lazy river, water slides, jacuzzi and kiddy fun station pool just like WWW! What's attracting me was their toilets, entrance ticket and also the admission fee.

Let's talk about their admission fee. Its super cheap and I told my boyfriend that I have to make a trip down again before I turn 18 with my awesome friends! Because....

*Children - below 18 years old*
Hahas. Yup, I paid $0.80 for my admission ticket to enjoy their facilities, even if I need to pay $1.50, its still so worth it! hahas.
3 Entrance Tickets
Entrance Tickets! Interesting?? Its a Tap 'n' Splash Card. It works like how you enter the MRT at the entrance. You can purchase the Tap 'n' Splash Card (photo) or use your Ez-Link card to tap in and out of the swimming complex. Amazing right!? (P/S didn't have the time to take photo of how the entrance works)

Just a reminder, if you wanna play the blue and pink slides do rent your float boat before going to the lockers. 1 Float cost you $5 ($3 deposit) and you can enjoy it for 2hours. Hope you wont be like us as we wasted $0.40 because we rent the lockers to put our stuff first and then decide if we want to rent the float. ( Depending on the size of your locker, the rent is different. For $0.40 you can put up to 2 bags) 

What do you do after a swim?

Obviously is to visit the toilet to get yourself wash up right? They have awesome cubicles. I had never seen toilets in the swimming pool that have this compartment. Simply put your dry belonging there and I can asure you that your belongings will not get wet! Sad to say, for the cubicle that I went into does not have a hook there but only at the door but for my brother and boyfriend, they have it. This makes 2 hooks in a cubicle. Nice hor?

Basically, I enjoyed myself there very much with my awesome boyfriend and brother. Ending off with some photos that we took before we went to wash up :P (PS all photos is taken at night)

Photographer: My brother

I hope you will enjoy your trip there like us despite that we did not try out the wave pool as its was closed for washing. :)

Remember to click "like" on their website to support !!!/pages/Jurong-East-Swimming-Complex/182813545080383?fref=ts&rf=187212251309475

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