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Saturday, November 10, 2012

What's up!

I just remembered what my G103 facilitator said yesterday after looking at belovedeugene's instagram (as I wanna see last night group photo!), that there is no school this coming tue [13 Nov].

So I asked my mama,
" How come coming Tuesday no sch?"

She replied, " It's Deepavali Day!"
She I shouted, " Yeah! ONE DAY TO STUDY ^^"

My sis replied, "Where got luh!"

I said to her, "You also never celebrate Deepavali, isn't it ONE DAY TO STUDY!?"

She told me that is her friend birthday, so its her friend birthday and not mine right!? ISN'T IT STILL ONE DAY TO STUDY? Unknowingly, it slipped off my mind that my "sister" weixuan's bday is on 13 November too!  Hahas. I also can't do anything much as I have my exam the next and following days, I shall hope that I will be the first to tell her "Happy Birthday!" on her wall. hahas.

Deepavali Light-Up 2012 @ Little India on Serangoon Road

So to all my Hindus friends, a super advance "Deepavali Day!"

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