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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Birthday Card: Pop-up Cake

This will be my first post before the start of my Y1S2 tomorrow. As such, I will be sharing with you guys what I did for my friends birthday lately. You can see from the post title, yesh I am going to show you an inspired Birthday Card by Extreme Cards and PaperCrafting.

Without furtherado, let me present you my Inspired Birthday Card.

1st attempt:
Birthday Friend: Keven Chew
Theme: Penguins
The image on the bottom right hand corner is how the card will look like after folding it. 
This is a "Penguin Cake"
Materials used - Paint and Post-it

Of course every card need a nice cover.
Materials used - Snow Flakes cutter and Post-it.
2st attempt:
Birthday Friend: Chua Pei Xuan
Theme: Simple
As shown in my tumblr
Playing with lights before we paste it on to another layer of the card.
Does the 1st photo on the right hand coner looks like chocolate falling down??

Materials used - Deco Jewelry from Daiso and Water Colour Pencils
As shown in my tumblr
Caption by Jean.

So that's all readers, you can either create your own templet like what I did for the first one or print out the templet from their website @ . There are two different templets and of cource what they do is better than mine! This is a low barget type of hand-made card.

Why did I say low budget?
What I saw in my house that I have purchased long ago, I make used of it. This means I didn't really spent money on purchasing any materials that you have seen above. Great right!? Try to look around your house to see what you have now and come up with something nice^^

Share with me if you have do any DIY like mine (:


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