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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Just an Intro

Hi readers,

I am Sherry. I loved crafts and photos especially SELCA (aka Self Capture)
Just got to know the diploma that I am posted to in RP Campus Life. 12 Oct, will be the starts of my journey. Pretty excited ^^ as I was posted to Diploma in Civil Aviations (DCA) and most of my Y1S1 classmates too! All these have to thank Zongyuan as he endure all my nagging for a Sem. Me kinda irritating arh! Hahas. ^^

Okay, so Tweet me if you are studying in RP @_huiibin_

What's coming up in RP Campus Life that I will be participating in. Look out for me!
- Discovery@RP
- RP Hanger Open Ceremony
- National Healthy Lifestyle Campaign (NHLC)

My upcoming post:
Birthday Card (Pop-up Cake) for my sista, Peixuan and my tuition-mates, Keven!

Meantime, do follow me @ ^^

Enjoy your weekends ~

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