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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gardens by the Bay

As promised in a earlier post , I said I will blogged about memories of Gardens by the Bay and I have decided to post it into two different galleries @ - Far East Organization Children's Garden and other activities (which is all the photos of my days as a volunteer there)

Far East Organization Children's Garden

Far East Organization has pledged $10 million for the development of Children's Garden, a one-hectare playground that will feature water spouts and tunnels. [Read more...]

Children but why am I there? Let me explain.
My bother has his speech therapy at Singapore Children's Society. The kids get to bring 2 adults to join them in this special event. 

While waiting for the rest, goodies bag and ice-cream were given out to the kids.

The colouring book with crayons are one of the stuff in the goodies bag.
Very filling :D

What is event without a host?
Handsome anot?

What about Guest-of-Honour?

 Minister for National Development Mr Khaw Boon Wan to mark the partnership.

*So sorry that I can't remember who is this lady*

Ficus benghalensis "Varitegated"

We are invited to visit Flower Dome for FREE!

Gardens by the Bay(Flower Dome) changed the design due to the season.
We went during the Autumn Season. (VERY NICE!) 

Before we exit from Flower Dome, we went into Canopy!
Very interactive [View more..]

So I am ending off with a photo of me! (photographer: my brother)

So if you are keen to view more photos, do view my photo album  (
I apologized that the album for other activities, will be uploaded at a later date.

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*All photos are not Photoshop*
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