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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

[AD] Wrack-It Ralph "Candy Cane Catapult" Game

I won't be blogging about movie reviews (cause I am sucks at it) that I have just watched recently (if you followed me on twitter, you will know which I have watched).  However, I have an awesome game to share with you guys! Playing game can earns movie premiums, have you heard of this?

This game is featured in one of the scene in the movie where Wreck-It Ralph has crash-landed in the candy game world of Sugar Rush, and his cherished "hero's medal", which he caught in  Hero's Duty, is caught high in a candy-cane tree. (sob sob) Therefore, he need your help so that he can catapult to the top before the crumb-snatcher, Vanellope can beat him to it. (which she beat him in the movie, hehe. because she need it for a race)

Just Wreck it with Wreck it Ralph! to stand a chance to win Wreck-It Ralph movie premiums! (easy right?)
Not only a Wreck-It Ralph movie premiums, there is other prizes on top of that too!

*You can watch the trailer on the page or their Youtube Channel mention in my earlier post.
Together with Christmas, there is another section (whatever you called luh), called Candylicious X'mas Tree. You have to use the points that you earned from your game to redeem assorted candies so that you can decorate it onto your X'mas Tree! Plus it's accumulative. So why not Play it with your friends too!?

How to play the game! ( I tried it and I recommend you to used a mouse which is way easier and faster)

So why not click on any images above to the game NOW and ALL THE BEST to you . If you won the Grand Prizes (or any) and remember to mention me on twitter to share with my your joy!

Cause only 1 image has the link that leads you to the apps itself (keke)

That's the highest I got, I guess ;) Remember to rest your eyes after  a few games!
credits: All photos are screenshot from Wreck -It Ralph's Official Facebook Page:

I guess, I have mention some part of the movie in the above post and I apologized for that but its a really nice movie to watch and the ending credits were creative and different.

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