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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Haibin X Mee

It's been awhile since i have went prawning so I thought why not do it again (just before my paper)? Made a trip to the Haibin Jurong prawning place last night and the crowd was not like the past. Its lesser. This is surprising because there were much bigger prawns than last time but was harder to catch 1 prawn within 5min even if they just throw in new prawns. I learnt from the staff, it was due to the weather and I believe its true as I had never went prawning during or after a rain. I guess that prawning has now become a bonding type of activity with my boyfriend.

First two big prawb I caught! 

We went on to cook the prawn the next day. I was thinking why not cook prawn noodles as I recalled the brand "Maggi" having new noodle. It was pretty expensive (to me) and hard to find but we finally got hold of a pack @ gaint (which is the last packet as well). It cost about $8!

Maggi Curry Prawn Mee with a clayfish and one of my big head prawn

How does it taste?
To me it wasn't that fantastic rather taste like laksa or curry noodles more than curry prawn noodles. So I would give 7/10 because it does not taste like maggi mee (aka instant noodle). This cause me to feel like trying their Curry Noodles.

And to that anonymous man who commented: thank you for your constructive comment and I did not mentioned that I have pretty good english (view it on desktop view). Even instagramers who does not have alot of likes or followers could be sponsored/adv. Furthermore, I am not like some who even email for sponsorship/adv OR even publize my blog link on famous forum or pages. Its just a H-O-P-E for...! Thats all! I don't wish you to be my reader either 😉 but thank you for hopping on to my blog 😎

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